Day 32 – Big Girl Crys and Aloha is Here To Stay!

Leah Honey,


Did you go see it? I hope you loved it. Tell Mum hello from me.

And I can picture you and Taylah building your sand castle, all the details of that….seems relaxing and rewarding and a in the moment activity. You know?  Was it fun for you?

Don’t you love what Julie had to share on her blog in the community?  I saw what you wrote to her, how great. I am so proud of you Julie! (and I hope many more Pinky’s go share in her joy and her photos of her kids who are quite the lookers, those boys are gorgeous! and so is their Mum!) I bet we could fix one up with Taylah. Me being silly who is a little beauty too.

My day was a rollercoaster Leah. This class I am taking, well to say it is bringing up stuff is the understatement of the year. I had a minor meltdown today in class over stuff that I am sure comes natural for you Leah. Numbers and graphs and charts and math….My dear teacher kept saying, “Laura, don’t cry”. I just adore her and she means well and it is not always easy for people to deal with others tears and yet I just needed to cry…

Big girls do cry sometimes…and it is all part of my letting go of my deep inadequacies of not being a math, equation, #’s person. Again, all part of my journey and I am working through it “one pinky step at a time”.

May seem I cry a lot and I think it all in balance. I am not afraid to share about my meltdowns as I am human too.

Rita Hovakimian, someone I adore and look up to sent this message in her email and I wanted to share it with you Leah (and with the world).

I love Hawaii, it is near and dear to my heart….

“Bless everyone and everything that represents what you want!

To bless something means to give recognition or emphasis to a positive quality, characteristic or condition, with the intent that what is recognized or emphasized will increase, endure or come into being. This is one of the tenets of the Aloha philosophy.

The Aloha Philosophy:

1. IKE-The World Is What You Think It Is

2. KALA-There Are No Limits

3. MAKIA- Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

4. MANAWA-Now Is The Moment Of Power

5. ALOHA-To Love Is To Be Happy With

6. MANA-All Power Comes From Within

7. PONO-Effectiveness Is The Measure Of Truth

The Aloha Philosophy immediately reminds me of the Law of Attraction principles.
A law that states that what you focus upon expands……what you appreciate, appreciates! It delights me to see that these principles are universal, yet articulated in their unique way.”

Enjoy the words. Love you a ton.

Learn, Love and Let go,



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