I love to BLOG, Glad to be BACK

I love to blog and have missed this challenge with Leah.

Really I have.

The week has gone by so quickly and even though I was not writing in my blog I was thinking about blogs and feeling a loss…and at the same time excited about all that is new and ready to be rolled out and revealed.

More new beginnings and since life is such an adventure, I just keep getting myself primed up for all that is being created behind the scenes. Yippee for that.

A suggested practice for you all during this hustle and bustle time of year.

Introducing the:

1 minute meditation

I want to introduce you all to daily meditation or quiet times for you to be with you and only you.

(If your mind says, I do not want to meditate, do it anyway, and start with one small step, OnePinky step).

Start with a 1 minute meditation and work your way up to 2 minutes and 3 minutes and on and on.

I suggest you make your first month 1 minute everyday and if you can get through 30 days for a minute, then move on to 2 minutes a day…a year from now you will be up to 12 minutes of meditating a day.

Think of it this way, 12 minutes a day or no minutes a day? I say 12 is better than none and why not start small and let consistency rule. It is a great way to start a new habit.

Here is how to begin.

You will need a timer, something on the quieter side,  if possible,  that you can hear like a watch timer.

Now create a place of solitude. Go to any quiet place. It can be a closet or a bathroom, it does not need to fancy, just quiet and still.

Sit down.

Place your legs in a relaxed fixed position.

Close your eyes.

Allow your mind to settle into your breathing. Breathe in, Breathe out. Just observe your thoughts and pay attention to your breathing. Always come back to your breathe.

When the timer sounds off, stop. This is only meant to be a 1 mediation until you are ready to increase the time. The practice is to stay with your agreed upon time even if you want to go longer. Start this practice with just 1 minute. If you want to do it longer, (just in the first month), you may do it several times a day and just stay with 1 minute until it feels super easy to access at any time. I suspect that you will begin to  feel comfortable being in this peaceful state for 1 minute, anytime anywhere.

I believe that after the first 30 days, you will notice a positive inner shift and more inner lightness. Let us know how you do. We want to hear from you!

Enjoy these affirmations today and everyday to go along with your new 1 minute meditation practice. Have fun with it all. Life is meant to be fun!

~A smiling face and joyful loving words are the best presents I can share with the world today.

~Loving myself gives me the energy to work through any problem more quickly. My life is a labor of love and when I forget that I can reach out to someone who loves me and ask them to remind me.

~Today and everyday I can dance with joy for all I have been blessed with.

My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness

~Dalai Lama

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