Jumpstart Your New Year’s Resolutions: 10 Secrets to a Body You Love and the Relationship of Your Dreams

Why wait till the New Year to start manifesting a body you love and creating the relationship of your dreams? Be ahead of the curve and start the New Year on track, feeling self-confident and ready to be your best in partnership. Join me and my dear friend and colleague, Relationship and Dating expert Joy Nordenstrom to provide you with 10 secrets to having a body you love and having the relationship of your dreams. In a relationship now? Great for you. You qualify too as we will be sharing tools that empower you to go deeper into your truth so that your body, heart and mind are all in sync.

If you happen to be single now you will learn tips on how to make your next relationship your best. Healthy bodies (and minds) go hand in hand with healthy relationships.

Come play with us…

Do You Accept The Body You See In The Mirror?

Tell me if this feels familiar: You notice that you’ve put on some weight. When you pass a mirror, you either look away, walking as fast as you can, or you say something awful to yourself. You might retort, “My belly isdisgusting!” or, “I’m hopeless! I will ALWAYS be ugly.” I think that you can relate to this. I also suspect that you make yourself wrong for not having a perfect body and not having the “will power” to change it.  After working as a body image coach with hundreds of clients, I know that negative self-talk keeps us stuck forever. Most people stay stuck in a painful story and need real tools to help them move forward. Overeating and dieting are all symptoms of a bigger problem: self-abuse. Changing specific daily actions from self-abuse to self-empowerment brings freedom.

Are you currently looking for a partner to create a loving and passionate relationship with? Or are you in a relationship and want to take it to a place today like when you first fell in love?

There are some key principles of thriving relationships that will help you choose the best person to be your next partner and begin your new relationship on a solid foundation from square one. If you are already in a relationship, these principles are also core for creating and maintaining a perfect partnership. Having a loving and thriving relationship does not happen miraculously on its own, instead you need to proactively take the steps to control the reigns. It’s time to learn how to start 2012 ready for love, each and every day.

These issues and so many more will be covered at this workshop.

You ARE worth the time…Details are all here. See you soon!

Jumpstart Your New Year’s Resolutions

10 Secrets to a Body You Love and the Relationship of Your Dreams


Thursday December 8th, 2011

6:30 pm to 9:00 pm


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