Week 12 – Peace and Connecting

Leah and I had the best chat last week.

It makes my heart sing to have this soulful connection across the miles, actually across the equator!  I feel like she and her husband Leigh are family to me. We just know we will be meeting soon in person. And I think I can speak for both of us and say, we cannot wait for that day to come!

We will keep you posted on when that will take place.

I am so proud of your work Leah and your willingness to keep on keeping on no matter what presents itself.

You are an inspiration to this community and to the world.

And speaking of inspirations…

Gina who has kept her commitment to blogging daily, YOU GO GIRL!, recently wrote to tell me she is coming to California and will be stopping by my county. I am thrilled to say that she and I have a date to look forward to in April. More connecting with a Pinky. Love that.

I look forward to meeting many of you in time. It will happen.

And one more thing, before Leah and I got off the call, I read her something. This was a spiritual mind treatment I read to myself for many years. Actually, there were two, one called “Love” and the other called “Peace”.

I was happily surprised to find them in a drawer recently.

Leah loved hearing it and I loved reading it to her.

So here is the piece on “Peace” and stay tuned next week for the piece on “Love”.


The peace that sings throughout the cosmos wells up in me. I detect Its presence in my heart, my attitude and my body. I feel It, I believe It and I welcome It. With this Peace in me, nothing can move me from It. For wherever I go, there I find myself in the midst of Peace.

Peace to you Pinky’s!

I love you, XO


P.S. Please join us for a free teleclass this week with Steve Sisgold, on Wednesday, February 24th at 1pm PST.

Steve is an author, speaker and body-centered therapist who has taught thousands how to use their BQTM (innate body intelligence) to create better health, prosperity and more authentic relationships.

In his book, WHAT’S YOUR BODY TELLING YOU? (McGraw-Hill; July 2009) Steve teaches us how to breathe into our emotions, release stress from our bodies and maintain our physical and emotional health. This call will support you in having a body shift and I hope many if not all of you will be on the call.

This is a public call and please RSVP to [email protected] and the call in information will be sent to you.

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One Response to Week 12 – Peace and Connecting

  1. Leah says:

    Thank you Laura, I made a mental note to ask you for the reading on peace and have not gotten around to it. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to next week’s reading on Love.

    Thank you for your loving and kind words, we will meet in the hopefully not too distant future and you also are family to us.

    Love Leah

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