The Power of Choice

I was recently on a call with a colleague and sister of wellness, Bonnie Groessl. She invited me along with another amazing woman, Kathryn McKinnon on her health symposium to discuss some thought provoking questions such as:

• What does health, happiness and abundance mean to you, what does that look like?
• What are the daily practices, rituals, mindset, etc. that help ensure you are living the life
you want?

And it was easy for me to roll answers off my tongue because of how I live my life today. I have so much gratitude for my life, who I choose to align myself with, and how I choose to live day to day. The most important piece being that I am at choice about my health and happiness and no matter what is going on “out there”, I can still choose peace. However, this feeling of continuous gratitude and being enough did not come naturally for me. Yet once I decided that I would do anything it took to keep an open heart and be awake for this wonderful experience called life, (more than I wanted suffering), doors opened up so fast and so wide, even I could not keep up with how much love and support was out there for me at first.

Despite what you may read in the news or hear from your friends and loved ones, in spite of an economic down turn, the world is a great, wonderful, safe place and as long as you take steps to incorporate that thought system into your life, things will start shifting for you in ways that you could not imagine.

One of my amazing newer students has taken my work on hook, line and sinker. She is doing my workbook and we meet once a week on the phone. And I know she will succeed because she signed up for change and does the things I suggest she does. For example, when she is feeling the need to binge/neglect her needs, she will reach out and ask for help or she will go onto YouTube and watch some motivational videos I have suggested. She will no longer isolates herself and looks for reasons why she will not be able to change. She now knows how not to suffer in silence.

I could literally go on for days about the loving teachers who have been on my path for years who have given me wheels when I could not walk and stilts as I found my voice. In service of time, let me share some of my amazing colleagues and teachers who are doing phenomenal work to support people in improving their lives and to spread more positivity and love on this planet. I like to think of these light filled leaders as those who expose the “truth”.

I encourage you all to check them out, sign up for their lists/like them on Facebook/follow them on twitter, etc. I blog for them and/or cherish their beings and use them as examples of all the good there is in the world.

• Lori Deschene of
• Mastin Kipp of The Daily
• Eric Handler of

• Christine Bronstein of
• Lori Fields of
• Carre Sutton of
• Dr. Lissa Rankin of
• Dr. Ritamarie of
• Myra Lewin of

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