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Why We Feel Out of Control

Americans spend $137 Billion a year on Fast Food $60 Billion on Weight Loss Solutions And $147 Billion on Healthcare of Obesity And Rising… And I have a simple solution that costs very little and works.   However, not everyone … Continue reading

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Are your addictions a VICE or a VIRTUE?

This New York Times op-ed by Nicholas Kristof, “Addicted to Exercise?” explores research done on the pleasure centers of the brain and reinforces some of the solutions I teach at OnePinky.com, healthy weight through healthy body image. Kristof shares research … Continue reading

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Are You Addicted to Low Self Esteem?

The news of Amy Winehouse’s death in July of this year was tragic, but it wasn’t surprising. Her struggle with addiction and eating disorders had been well-documented during her meteoric rise to fame. The autopsy results last week confirmed the … Continue reading

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