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10 Affirmations to Change Your Life

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I believe in a world…

Where a woman’s love, vulnerability, and kindness are more valued than an attractive face or a slim waistline. Where we banish the assumptions we make about others based on their size, or the value we see them put on themselves. Where the road to health is paved with gentleness and self-care – not pain, deprivation, or exhaustion.


This is the world I’m working towards.
Won’t you walk along with me?


For the last 12 years, I’ve held space for thousands of women all over the planet as they fall truly & madly in love with their bodies and their extraordinary selves (again, or for the first time in their lives.)

Through my community, coaching, and programs, these women discovered the strength within themselves
to transform their story permanently, and embrace more happiness and peace than they ever thought possible.


This is my calling.
This is my path.
I hope you will join me.


The other corner of the web where you can play with me too is at www.SkinnyFatPerfect.com. Please go there to learn about my practices, my book and how we can play together.