Week 3 – Wisdom For the Holidays.

You get to have it all.

And like wise Leah came to see in her blog post at www.NoDietingAllowed.com, “she has arrived”.

Those of us who choose to be awake and feeling our feelings through this adventure called life “have arrived as well”.

Some OnePinky.com wisdom

Body Image Mastery is about health, physically, emotional and spiritual health are what I am after for all women.

You get to have it all.

Consider putting your perfectionist to a long sleep starting right now.

There is no thing as perfection. Imperfect  is perfect.  Imperfection is the new black. (A nice new outfit for 2010)

Accept you as you are now.

How can you change something you are at war with?

If your mind collapses that last statement as a sign of resignation…or your mind says that accepting yourself means that you cannot change, it is just not true.

You are changing in every moment and are capable of bigger changes at any age and any size.

The issues are in our tissues and if you do the inner work, your body will take care of itself and you will feel more inspired to be in balance with food and the scale.

Again, how can you change your body when you are at war with it?

Our differences are an opportunity to celebrate who we are…we are different precisely in order to realize our needs of one another.

Nothing is too much trouble for LOVE.

Our journey of self discovery is a journey in patience and what we offer here at OnePinky.com is a process, not a pill.

Happiness and Joy are a choice and they do require some effort at times. I welcome the effort for Happy, Joyful and Free.

What do I know for sure?

That I love people, all people. I am looking to attract more women to my work who are ready for permanent change, for a new story, a new conversation. I want to live in a world where women’s health is a huge priority and that when women look at themselves in the mirror they see beauty at all sizes.

The old story is go on a diet, feel deprived, hate the process and go off the diet and then hate yourself for not having will power and strength.

The new story, the new practice is to feel the feelings that got you to this place, process them and in release them. I promise you change will occur effortlessly.

Your body is a healing machine and will take care of itself. Reduce your mind space in terms of self criticism and see what happens.

What would your life be like if you said NO to New Year’s resolutions this year and said YES to New year’s Intentions?

Ask yourself this question.

What is my most important, significant intention for 2010?

Please take out a pen and paper and in this moment, write down the most significant thing you want to draw into your life this new year and say it out loud five times.

I intend to ___________________ in 2010 and I release this to the Universe with Love.

Universe, show me the path to get there.

Now pick a day, the same day every month and check in with your intention and see how you are progressing. Keep doing this until you have reached this intention. I know you will get there if you keep this practice alive every month, sooner than you think.


I have a divine right to be me, exactly as I am because I am made in the image and likeness of God. I am certain that deep within me there is a knower that knows.  I trust that I am created perfectly as I am.  This holiday season I am authentic, loving and generous because THAT is who I am!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all.

May the Universe grant you all your heart’s desires in 2010.

2010 can be your year of letting go, releasing and living WHO you are.

I bless you all with the courage to be YOU.

May you BE LOVE and feel INNER PEACE in every moment.

I decree that 2010 shall be your best year ever.

I love you, that too I know for sure,  XO


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